Qt1 CMake port and more Akademy crazyness

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So, my plans was always finish the full KDE1 port, and now on Akademy i have some time to get back to this pet project. Starting on Qt1 porting entirely to CMake because the experience on Qt2 was so good that i decided going back to that and do some of the same love on Qt1.

KDE 1 for that new port next. For now, i'm working on github in my personal repository Qt1 Github Repo

And guess what, on Akademy you can get all possible surprises đŸ™‚

Thanks to our kdesrc-build hero Michael Pyne, there's just …

A Linux proud history - 15 years ago and the Brazilian ATM

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Some time ago i passed by in one of the bank agencies of a brazilian south bank, called Banrisul, and see a change, the ATM's are evolving. The ATM's are changing for modern code, and i don't know what they are using now, but is the past that is the history itself.

Most of old Linux guys remember that as one of the firsts bank ATM done in Linux in the world ( or at least the first openly shown ) was made here in this bank, here's a picture from the wonderful article of John MadDog Hall …